Flex Fitness Te Rapa is launching 3 new classes in a new group fitness offering run in our newly refurbished group fitness room. If you're struggling with motivation and direction then group fitness is perfect for you. Take the stress out of wondering what to do and let our instructors guide you through a work out in a motivating group environment. Our instructors will coach you on technique and push you to get results.


FLX. Power combines a variety of training with a focus on strength, stamina and fun in a single workout. Improve fitness, lose weight and maximize performance by working out to the beat of music. Follow your trainer’s guidance, do your best and keep up with your classmates!


•  Circuit Based Training
•  45-50 minutes

FLX. Rapid is a Tabata inspired workout. This class is perfect if you're short on time, need to switch up your routine, or you want to improve endurance and speed. Incorporate this class into your fitness routine and watch it produce results.


•  Tabata inspired H.I.T.T workout
•  30 Minute Class

FLX.Mobility is a class that focuses on a combination of multiple methods of stretching, foam rolling and myofascial release techniques all to improve movement quality. Unlock your range of motion that has been lost over time and improve your performance


•  Stretch and Myofascial Release focused class
•  20 Minute class

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